We at TwinOxide-USA are proud to be partnering with the following organizations as part of our dealer network. If you are interested in becoming a dealer or salesperson for TwinOxide-USA, please contact us.


Big Bend Agri-Services, Inc.

Since 1979, Big Bend Agri-Services has helped farmers in the South Georgia and North Florida area (known as the Big Bend) produce and market their grain crops.

Big Bend Agri-Services

Scoop Water


Scoop Water

Scoop has been serving the water and wastewater industry for years with great success. We have a history of meeting challenges head-on and seeking cost-effective solutions. We offer free consultations and approach every situation with honesty and integrity.Scoop is a provider of disinfection equipment of water for all size applications. We offer gas regulators, liquid…

Sound Water Services, Inc.

Sound Water Services represents the best available technology in water treatment. We achieve top results for municipal, agricultural and industrial applications, while committing to low environmental impact products. Our focus is to provide a reduction in operational expenses, operator risks and/or carbon footprint. With 20 years of treatment experience in the water/waste water markets with a professional network…

Sound Water Services

ATS – The Water Technology Company

Improving LIFE One Drop at a Time

True Garden