TwinOxide an anti-PM product with Nepablast can eradicate PM infection and prevent recurrence of PM infection in only a few treatments as detailed within this manuscript. Written by Joe Nieusma, Ph.D. Author’s contact information 303-877-3684[...]
SAFE DRINKING WATER PURIFICATION APPLICATIONS  Whether you are remote back-country hiking, without a safe drinking water source after a major storm, preparing for a major world event that may leave areas without critical infrastructure or[...]
Amount of TwinOxide to Use Per Gallon of Pool Water Pools and spas are great ways to stay cool and spend time together as a family, but safety always needs to be first and foremost.[...]
TwinOxide (Chlorine Dioxide 0.3% )Products
  Introduction In numerous industries: beverage production; food production, including protein and fruit/vegetable growth and processing; wastewater treatment; hospitals and medical facilities; cleanliness and hygiene are critical in preventing the spread of infections, or providing[...]